Meal Delivery Diets Provide a Great Way to Lose Weight for The New Year

If you’re like me then there is a good chance that you may have packed on a few extra pounds over the holidays. For many Americans, it’s almost impossible to NOT gain at least a little bit of weight around the Holidays. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s there are a lot of festive meals that are eaten, and this doesn’t even include all of the snacks, desserts, and drinks like Egg Nog and White Russians! Between all of that, there is a pretty good chance you could easily be putting away 1500 calories or more per meal!

With all of that being considered, it’s no wonder that someone invented New Year’s resolutions, and that these so often include goals like losing weight or setting workout goals. For me, meal delivery diets have been a great solution for helping me lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible.

With all of that being said, there are three main reasons that I utilize meal delivery diets any time that I feel like I need a reset, or just need to lose 10 or more pounds quickly. Nutrisystem and Medifast are two of the most well-known plans on the market, and of course there are others that come to mind. I have used both of these, and had great results, so both can be considered to be great options.

Nutrisystem’s latest promotion promises to help you drop up to 13 pounds in your first month on the program, which typically means I could use the program for a month, drop the ten pounds I put on over the holidays and then transition back to eating healthy and working out.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons that make meal delivery diets a great option for people looking to lose weight after the holidays.

  1. Price: Most of the meal delivery diets are very affordable when compared to what you probably spend on your average trip to the grocery store. With both Medifast and Nutrisystem you can try their basic plans for under $300 and that includes shipping, so it really isn’t a bad deal when you consider the fact that you’ll be getting a month’s worth of meals for less than $300!
  2. Convience: Like I mentioned already, using a meal delivery is going to drastically cut down on your visits to the grocery store, which is going to save you time, money, and the headache of deciding which healthy foods to buy every time you go to the store! I don’t know about you, but I love coming home a month’s worth of meals sitting on my doorstep – it makes my life a whole lot easier!
  3. Results: This is probably the single biggest reason to go with a meal delivery system – IF you follow their program, they will help you lose weight – really no doubt about it. There are plenty of people out there who have lost, 20, 30, and even 60 pounds using things like Medifast and Nutrisystem, so the proof really is in the pudding!


The bottom line here is that if you are looking for a proven method for weight loss, hate going to the grocery store, and want a road map to help you get healtheir, then a meal delivery diet should be an option you consider!